The Joy of Creation

The Joy of Creation


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Our manufacturing division in Indonesia is truly a proud establishment for it has provided many of the talented artisans and craftsmen stability and success. Based on timeless standards and new innovative thinking, the workshops that produce Home Treasures furniture are always a source of joy and motivation for its workers, and we believe this creates inspiring works of art that come from a space of creative happiness.

Our stringent selection of mature wood continues with a special drying process which keeps moisture levels low, thus preventing undesired movement within the material.

The joinery of our furniture uses tried and tested techniques as well as some innovative ideas which are aimed at providing every Home Treasures furniture owner with complete peace of mind – A true commitment to comfort that lasts generations.

Our factory hands are all highly skilled and are provided with top of the line tools to aid them in their craft.

Recognized everywhere for quality in material and craftsmanship, our products ship out regularly to destinations all over the world. You can be rest assured of international quality when you own a piece from Home Treasures.