Growth through Gratitude and Grace

Interior design and designing furniture have been my calling since I was young. I remember making tables and chairs from Styrofoam with my best friend during play time. In my teens, I’d observe a space and reorganise the furniture. My first ID project was my bedroom. I almost didn’t realise my dream to be a designer when I couldn’t afford to enrol into designer school. Luckily, a family friend lent a helping hand, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

After graduating with a Diploma in Interior Design from Saito College in mid-2000, I worked as a junior designer in an ID firm. My supervisor, who later became my lifelong mentor, took me under his wings. He exposed me to the art of merging modern and Asian cultural elements in design.

In order to grow, I had to challenge myself. So I left the company after couple of years and joined a furniture retailer where I learned about soft furnishing which helped to enhance my design. After that, I joined an ID firm but the company shut down after three months.

During this period of uncertainty, I signed a deal to take on an ID project which marked the start of my own firm. As it turned out, I faced many challenges managing my own ID firm but I persevered through the hard times and succeeded.

Since my foray into interior and furniture designing in 2007, I've grown as a designer through the many challenges in my life. Now, I want to share my experiences with young designers and help the industry grow. The opportunity came when I chanced upon Home Treasure's Designer Showcase.

I've long been a fan of Home Treasure before I got to know the founder, Mr. Robert Bain. I see this showcase as a great avenue to explore ways to incorporate furniture design into ID from the planning stage. Such an approach would provide customers a chance to infuse their personality into a space through furniture design.

As a furniture and ID designer, I see this collaboration with a reputable furniture manufacturer such as Home Treasure as a stepping stone to create my own furniture line in the future. I look forward to embarking on this exciting venture.