Furniture Design for a Better World


All my life, I have been connected to elements of design. My earliest influence was my 

father who was an architect. As a child, I’d watch him work on blueprints and floor plans 

at home. He would explain some of the fundamentals of interior design to me as he 

worked. Even though at that time, I may not have understood much of what he said, but 

the underlying seeds of passion and knowledge for furniture and interior design were 

already planted in me.


After I married Robert, I dabbled in designing my own home. It was just a simple project 

to create a cosy nest for my family and it bloomed into my true calling in life. When 

Home Treasures was first established, Robert and I went into the business of trading 

furniture. However, we found that we don’t always get the quality of furniture we want. 

Hence, we decided to design our own furniture.



As the co-owner of Home Treasures, I took on the creative role of designing our very 

first range of furniture. I drew inspiration from the things I love in life – colonial style 

design features from English storybooks I read as a child, outdoor furnishing and a 

sense of homeliness – as well as my experience of living in Jakarta. The result was 

Savannah, a unique range of wood furniture designed for durability and comfort, which 

was later refined to include element of modern design trends and renamed Rustic 

Furniture. This range was well received at the international furniture exhibition and 

became one of Home Treasure’s best-selling designs.



When Robert told me about the Designer Showcase concept, it sparked my interest to 

recreate what Rustic Furniture did for not only our business but the furniture industry as 

a whole. By producing Rustic Furniture, our company was able to create job 

opportunities for talented craftsmen in Indonesia and subsequently better the lives of 

their families. 



To me, designing furniture is no longer just about creating something for myself or the 

company’s clients. It is about helping those in need by giving them a way to earn their 

living. It is also about making a positive impact in our environment by only using 

sustainable materials in our designs. I believe we can all make a difference in this world 

through our talents.