Designs to Inspire Next Generation Artists


As a little boy, I used to follow my grandfather around. He was a carpenter. I

remembered admiring the furniture he made. I even sketched the furniture pieces.

Those early drawings were child-like, but they were the start of something that would be

the passion of my life.



When I first started working, I was a business development executive in the interior

design industry, but I was not involved in the creative design process. Through the

years, I found little job satisfaction, and when the recession hit in 1997, my career

prospects at that time seemed bleaker than ever.


It was then that I started looking for other jobs and ended up working for Robert Baine

and his wife, Elizabeth, at Home Treasures in 1999. After a year spent learning the

ropes of their business, they offered me the opportunity to work on projects to produce

custom-made furniture for clients.

At first, I was unsure about my ability. However, with guidance from Robert and

Elizabeth, I managed to produce some good results. I was pleasantly surprised by my

success. More importantly, I discovered my real-life goal through this experience – to be

an artist in furniture designing.


I will always be grateful to Robert and Elizabeth for giving me the opportunity to begin

my new career as a furniture designer even though I had no formal education in

architecture and design. They saw the designer in me. Coupled with my good

communication skills and knowledge of interior décor from showroom planning as a

business development executive, I was able to conceptualise furniture designs and

communicate the idea to carpenters who would make my creation a reality.


I have come a long way since my first furniture design project with Home Treasures.

Hence, I hope to inspire and nurture new talents through my participation in this

Creative Designer Showcase organised by the company. This showcase is the perfect

platform for talented designers to get the exposure they need to move to the next level

in their career. Through my work in this showcase, I would also like to emphasise the

fact that regardless of ethnicity and education background, anyone with the passion and

talent for furniture design can succeed in this industry.