Bar Counter with a Twist


At Home Treasures, the work of our designers are one-of-its-kind. The feature piece of this blog epitomises the strength of our creations in terms of uniqueness and functionality. This Rustic Bar Counter is designed by Elizabeth Baine and inspired by her love for the outdoors. The main inspiration for this piece is to produce a furniture which resembles those one would use in an outback environment - rustic, functional yet classy and durable.

Adopting a linear style, Elizabeth captured the elegance and beauty of teak wood with this bar counter. Its clean lines produce a very lean look which allows this piece to fit seamlessly in both a grand space such as the hall of a bungalow, or a casual area like the poolside. 


Standing at 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide, this bar counter is considerably narrow compared to a typical one you would find in a pub, but its bottom heavy wood structure ensures perfect balance and stability. 

It is also designed with mobility in mind. This bar counter consists of only a few pieces - the top bars, side pillars, table and legs, which can be easily dismantled, moved to a different location, and reassembled in no time. The separate pieces are joined together with cleverly designed wooden pegs that are easy to remove and reinsert.

To maximise storage space and flexibility, this bar counter features wooden bars at the top to hang glasses complete with fitted spotlights for excellent lighting and display. You can put wine and liquor bottles at the side compartments in an upright or tilted position. The counter top is wide enough for working comfortably. With dual fronts, it will fit well anywhere for family and friends to chill out at both sides of bar. This bar counter is also customisable to fit 2 or 4 seats.

The bar chairs complement the bar counter with its rustic appeal and linear lines. What’s unique about the bar chairs is the non-asymmetric placement of the leg rests and back rest bars - no chair is the same, which makes them all the more precious. 

Despite this, the bar chairs are ergonomically designed with perfect weight distribution. You can get comfortable in the chair and have no worries of falling off after a few drinks!

With its compact and flexible design, this bar counter and chair set can fit in a small apartment as well as blend in with the grandeur of a mansion. Its practical functionality, mobility and special quirks in the design make this furniture set a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. And we promise, it won’t break your bank to own this piece.